Daily Prayer to Ignite your Life

Please show me my highest purpose in serving the healing of myself and humanity with super clear directions on how to do this.

Assist me on what to do today so that the words and actions I share come from my absolute highest level of love and consciousness.

Help me to look deeper within myself and acknowledge the divine all powerful creative being Who I Really Am.

Allow me to slow down and feel the sweet healing presence of my infinite soul, so I may awaken fully to the most empowered and enlightened state living in total bliss.

Give me the strength to be patient, humble, always loving and curious.

Help me to have the courage to take on those inspired actions that make me feel unstoppable and live a life free from fear.

Allow me to feel all the love and support from my friends and family who truly cherish me and want the best for me.

Help me to live in a relaxed super healthy body that is light, energized and bursting with excitement for life!

Allow me to deepen and strengthen my connection to the God Source everyday.

Help me start my mornings overflowing with peace, joy and appreciation for this blessed gift to be alive.

Allow me to be at peace with all beings, loving and accepting each one exactly as they are.

Fill my heart with deep peace, tremendous love, and a clear mind so I’m always living with divine intention and purpose.

Thank you! I now let in all your love and feel a strong, solid connection with who I am. 

~Jafree Oxwald

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