Make the Earth Happy


13100741_719478344862120_2007971085891139898_nMAKE THE EARTH HAPPY

That you give love to the world means that you raise the world. What does love do but uplift? If you desire to change the world, find its beauty, and make more of it.

A kind word to the world goes a long way. A kind word anywhere reaches Heaven and all the scattered world.

Teams are extolled. You are part of a team on Earth. You are the Earth team, and members of teams support their teams. If you are a player on the Tigers or the Cubs, you uphold your team. Surely you don’t pontificate upon its weaknesses. You don’t play your team’s losses. You talk about its wins over coffee or ale. You wear your team shirt proudly. You are a player. You are a World player. You are a Universe player. You are a Galaxy player. You are a Life player. Bet on your team. Give it your best shot.

You have made the Earth team. No one has ruled you out. Sometimes you sit on the bench, but that doesn’t mean you are off the team. You still root for the team. You may be on the bench, but that doesn’t mean you are really on the sidelines.

In the Earth team I speak of, there is no competition. There is only One Team. Like rowers on a scull, you row together, and you row to win. You are rowing to Heaven, and what you win is Heaven, and you win it for all.

When all shoulders push together, what door cannot be opened? What obstacles can be removed and not be in the way? What can possibly withstand one united push of love? How quickly and clearly all the problems of the world would be disarmed. What problem can be buoyed by love? Impossible.

Anyone can be a critic. I am asking you to be a lover of the world. I ask you to be a lover of the world and the humanity who inhabit it. I ask you to be this. I ask you to acknowledge your role in the world. You are worth a lot. You are worth all the love in the world.

Are you hesitant to love? What do you think would happen if you would truly love the world? What would happen if you would lay down flowers before the world and plaudits and blessings? What if you were a team player and a cheerleader for the world? “Yay, World. Go, World. Hurray, World. You are My World. World, go, go, go. Go, team, go. Yay, World. Yay, One World. Victory for one. Victory for all.”

It’s a wonderful world is more than a song. It is a wonderful world. There is none like it. And you have the world to sing in and dance on. The world is your platform. As you dance and as you sing, you hold up the world that holds you. You succor the world that succors you.

This world feeds you. This world provides sunlight and rain. This world loves you. This world wants you to flourish on it. It is not an accident that the world you live in is called Mother Earth.

You are Daughter Earth or Son Earth. You are God’s son or daughter on Earth. You have made a visitation. The errors of the world are not Earth’s doing. The errors of the world come from the morale of its inhabitants.

Take care of the house you live in. It is not for you to bemoan it. If your house needs flowers, plant flowers around your house. No more snickering about Earth.

Make it happy. Dance on it.


Amaze yourselves everyone, enjoy!


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