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Questioner: Sananda, I’m confused. In “A Course In Miracles” you say the body is an illusion, and in fact you go further to state that it was designed purposely to act as a barrier to perception. Then I hear another teacher say that the body is part of God and can be raised into an immortal state. Can you please clarify this?

Sananda: Dear beloved, both perceptions have validity, depending on your definitions of illusions and reality. Let me explain.
The body is a tool, or instrument, used to perceive third-dimensional reality, just as a computer is a tool used for communication. The body is real in the sense that it is part of the whole of creation. However, it is illusory in the sense that it has no spirit or soul apart from the one who inhabits it.

The body has a built-in intelligence, but it must be activated by a spirit or soul, just as a computer is useless unless it has software and an operator. The body has no life apart from the life given it by God in the form of an intelligent being (soul) or intelligent energy (spirit). You could say it is neutral; neither good nor bad. Your computer is neutral and can be used constructively or destructively, depending on the consciousness of the user.

I need to clarify some of the information presented in “A Course In Miracles.” When I said the body was an illusion, I was referring to the role assigned to it by those who have forgotten they are eternal spiritual beings simply perceiving the outer world through the lens of the body. The souls I was addressing in the Course have attempted to give the body a life of its own, and they believe they are subject to the body’s dictates, particularly when it becomes ill.

There is no force within the body opposing the will of the soul that inhabits it. The body is simply responding to something within the consciousness of the soul. This was the point I attempted to make.

When I said the body was made to limit the awareness of God, I was referring to those who attempt to use the body to justify that God does not exist, or that God wants his children to suffer. Deep inside, these souls have a vague memory of being one with God in the beginning and then suffering the separation into lower density. To blot out this painful memory of descent into darkness, such souls attempt to use the body to hide what lies beneath – a tortured and lonely mind, feeling bereft of its Creator.

Such souls will escape into the pleasure and pain of duality, using the body in a vain attempt to satisfy an inner craving. They subject the body to perverse pleasures, drugs, thrill rides, vanity, lies, greed, and other means of covering up the underlying sorrow. The body consists of an energy matrix, or geometric pattern of electromagnetic flux, and this matrix is controlled by the mind and emotions.

When a soul has purified its consciousness sufficiently, that soul can modify the physical body to take on virtually any characteristics of that soul’s consciousness. The body therefore becomes an extension of the soul, and as that soul aligns with the power and presence of God, the body exudes the loving presence of God. So by extending the presence of God outward into the material plane, the body becomes infused with the Holy Spirit and is purified and exalted, becoming likened unto the Holy Spirit, a deathless, shining example of perfection made manifest.

It is not necessary to sing praises to the body or even see it as part of God in order for it to be exalted. However, it is necessary to remove all judgment from the mind of the holy Son of God. Nothing the body does or represents can be judged in any way if one is to ascend unto perfection while still in physical form.

The body is the living temple of the One True God. This simple fact will carry you beyond the temptations of the flesh and into a sacred union with other embodied souls.

Never did I intend for you to take on the belief that physical love is wrong or sinful. Like everything else in the material world, worshipping of materiality as a means of escaping the need to purify and go within is the problem, not the body itself or its ability to feel pleasure.

Attachment to material pleasure breeds pain and suffering, because in becoming attached to physical pleasure, one forgets one’s connection to All That Is. Seeing the Presence of God in the material world, and seeing that same Perfection within the Self and others, ends the separation between you and the Sons of God. Then each relationship becomes God relating to God and each expression of love becomes maximal, including expression of physical pleasure.

This world you inhabit can be a paradise or a prison, depending on your perception of it. Each level or dimension has a perceptive mechanism. The body is the primary perceptive mechanism for the third dimension. The mind and imagination are the perceptive mechanisms of the fourth dimension. The loving heart and crystal light body are the perceptive mechanisms of the fifth dimension.
Each level of being has its methods of perception and soul experience.

The body facilitates that experience in this world. The quality of the experience depends on the state of consciousness of the soul.
The body may seem to be an illusion when one evolves into higher dimensions, just as a dream seems to be an illusion when one awakens. Yet within the dimension of dreams, they appear to be quite real. Within this world, the body appears to be quite real, and it does not serve most souls to live their lives as if the physical form is an illusion.

Honor and respect for the holy temple of the living God ensures that God can communicate clearly and joyfully through your vessel.

The body has an intelligent design. The Creator, in order to express Itself in the physical dimension, crafted the most exquisite instrument of perception. Therefore, any statement, whether in a book channeled by me or in any other reference, that states that the body is not of God, would have to be in error. Perhaps a translation or two did not come through intact. Perhaps a passage was interpreted falsely. A Course In Miracles is a beautiful teaching in how to overcome guilt and sin by realizing they reside in the mind of the beholder.

The Course constantly reminds us that we are the product of a Loving God and that our innocence is established forever. The Course teaches us to focus on God Within and remove our attachment to material form.

It is the truth within that is important, not the words themselves. Words can only point to what is beyond them. Use the words to go beyond ideas and descriptions to the eternal Presence that dwells in your holy mind and heart. Let that Presence bring peace to your world. Let every physical body be an instrument of that peace. Let every soul experience that peace.

My peace I give to you this day. I am Sananda, forever in the Light of the Eternal One.
~Channel: Sal Rachele

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