Mother Earth Speaks

Mother Earth speaks:

You are a Starchild that came to Me on Earth to experience your Self.

Your body is given to you as a temple. It is a temple for a Starchild to experience life on this precious Mother Earth, that I am. Make space and let it only be inhabited by your Higher Self.

This temple is there to honour Me, Mother Earth. It is your personal earthtemple in which you connect to me. Your temple is from me.

Honour your temple so you honour me. Look how you nourish your temple. Let it be shining purity. With which frequencies is your temple truly vibrating?

Your temple is pure nature so let it be natural. Let it move in natural rhythms in which the earth, the sun and the moon are moving. Especially as a woman you connect to the moonwaves.

Artificial times, food, lights and sounds are lowering your vibration. They are  transmitting square-cutted waves that overlap your natural vibrations. That disconnects you from Me, the Divine Mother Earth. It is all about vibrations and resonance.

So tune your temple and resonate with me. You will receive the new frequencies of the sun and the moon, which are sent by our central sun to lift the earth up. These waves give you the new imprint of higher vibrating frequencies in your consciousness (sun) and your feelings (moon).

Be a pure temple! That doesn’t mean to be an empty temple. Fill your temple with love and joy, laughter and tears. Use your temple. It’s a divine gift to be experienced.

In the center of your temple there is a golden throne. It is the throne for your heart. Your heart is a pure child full of light and joy. It is christ-consciousness.

Remember! “Become like little children and you will enter the kingdom of heaven.” Follow the children! This divine child knows all the answeres to your questions. It is your Oracle. This oracle only speaks in heart felt pictures. It is your connection to all that exists. This child wants to be seen, honoured and asked. Ask your child in every situation, wherever you want guidance.

If you first see a crying or angry child, feel it. These are your tears. It is crying because you did ignore it for so long. Feel it and know the child is playing/mirroring these energies for you, so that you wake up and re-connect with the child in you. The child itself cannot be hurt, it is pure love.

Become this divine child of your heart and ascend the throne. From there look to the world. You see through eyes of your innocent, divine child, that sees the truth beyond words.

So look through all illusions and see the truth in all and everybody. You will respond to other human beings from your divine starchild in a temple to the devine starchild in another temple upon Me, Mother Earth. ~ Dianne/ Mystery live’s blog  = this posting

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