My Blissed I AM America









Message to humanity from the Angel of Renewal and Restoration of the Government of the United States of America, and the world.

The Angel of Renewal and Restoration has joined with the Legions of Light who are holding the sacred space for the manifestation of Divine Government in the USA and for Planet Earth. These selfless Messengers of God have given us the following Invocations and asked that we recite them daily through this election cycle according to the inner promptings of our Heart. Together, with one-pointed consciousness and with Divine Intentions, we will clear the way for Divine Government in the United States of America and around the world.

Call For Divine Government I AM, I AM, I AM:

I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love…

I invoke the great Beings of Light associated with Divine Government to this planet, and I invoke the Beloved Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.

Blessed Ones, blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Perfect Will, Divine Love and Divine Illumination in, through and around every person involved with the governments of Earth at national, state and local levels.

Blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Will, Divine Love and Divine Illumination in, through and around the electorate and governmental officials of all nations.

Let them feel and tangibly experience the Power, Wisdom and Love Nature of our Father-Mother God flowing through them as they elect their governments and vote on all issues before them.

SEAL this activity of Light in the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame anchored within the heart of every person on Earth. Expand this Light daily and hourly a thousand times a thousandfold.

(repeat 3 times).

AND we quote:

By Kenneth J. Goodrich:

“The Real student of Light faces the Light and sends the Light before him.

America! America!

My blissed I AM Country!

The Light of God that never fails.

America! Tis Thee.

America! America!

The Cup that holds the Christ-Light that will light the planet wide.

America, my love for thee, let her freedom reign without divide.”

And we quote:

“The name AMERICA is an anagram for the I AM RACE. The Divine Intent of this name represents a race of God Conscious people comprised of ALL races, ALL nationalities, ALL cultures, ALL religions, ALL creeds and ALL Lifestyles. A race of people who are functioning within the full embrace of their I AM Presence reflecting Oneness, Divine Love, Reverence for ALL Life, and decisions and actions that perpetually reflect the highest good for ALL concerned.”


Our Country and or our Republic of the United States of America is Governed by the Laws of :

The Declaration of Independence -1776

The Article of Confederation – 1777

The Northwest Ordinance – 1787

The Constitution FOR the united States of America – 1788

The Bill of Rights – 1791

The law of ONE

~we the people stand together as ONE for all


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