The Mental Body is the donkey that we must ride in order to enter into the Celestial Jerusalem. ~ V.M. Samael Aun Weor

The Mind which is a slave of the senses makes the Soul disabled, just as the boat that the wind misleads upon the waters. ~ Bhagavad-Gita.

Netzach is the Mental World, the cosmic mind, the mind of the human being. There are some authors that suppose that the mind is Venusian; I have to disagree with them, because when properly observed the mind is found to be Mercurial. Anyone can realize that the mind is Mercurial, because Mercury gives wisdom, gives the word, etc. Until now, the Mental Body of the human race is found in the aurora of evolution. By clairvoyantly observing the physiognomy of the Mental Body of the human being, we corroborate this affirmation.

The face of the Mental Body of almost all human beings has an animal appearance. When we observe the customs and habits of the human species, then we understand why the Mental Body of people has animal physiognomy. The lunar Mental Body is of a bestial nature. The Solar Mental Body is the antithesis; this is the Christ mind. The lunar Mental Body that we possess is of a bestial nature, and even animals and plants possess it. The unique difference that exists between the beasts and the incorrectly named humans is that humans have been given intellectualism and the beasts only act instinctively.

The Solar Mental Body is not a vague, abstract body. It is a body of flesh and bones, but imperishable flesh that does not come from Adam; it can pass through a wall. One has to build it in the Ninth Sphere. The Solar Mind is a body of perfection that eats, drinks, assimilates, digests, has its special nourishment, its nutrition, its development. In the world of the mind there are many temples that must be conquered with the point of the sword. When one is working in the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries, one finds himself with many tenebrous entities and one has to fight. When one acquires the Mental Body, the degree of Buddha is received. The blessed goddess Mother of the world presents the Initiate in the Temple of the Mind by saying, “Behold, here my beloved son, behold here a new Buddha.” She then puts upon the head of her child the diadem of Shiva and the yellow mantle of the Buddha.

Sanat Kumara, the illustrious founder of the Great College of Initiates of the White Lodge, then exclaims, “Thou has liberated thyself from the four bodies of sin, and thou has penetrated into the world of Gods. Thou art a Buddha.” When the human being is liberated from the four bodies of sin, he is a Buddha, and the globe of the Imperator with the cross upon it is granted unto him.

Our disciples must change the process of reasoning for the beauty of comprehension. The process of reasoning divorces the mind from the Innermost. A mind which is divorced from the Innermost falls into the abyss of black magic.

Many times the Innermost gives an order and the mind reveals itself with its reasoning. The Innermost speaks by hunches, or thoughts, but the mind reveals by reasoning and comparison. Reasoning is based on opinions, in the struggle of antithetic concepts, in the process of conceptual election, etc. Reasoning divides the mind between the struggles of the antitheses. Antithetic concepts convert the mind into a battlefield. A mind which is divided by the battle of reasoning, by the struggle of antithetic concepts, fractions the understanding and converts the mind into a worthless instrument for the Being, for the Innermost. When the mind cannot serve as an instrument for the Innermost, then it serves as an instrument for the Animal “I,” and converts the human being into a blind and torpid being, slave of passions and of the sensorial perceptions of the exterior world.

The most torpid and passionate beings that exist upon the earth are precisely the great intellectual reasoners. The intellectual loses the sense of a sentence only for the lack of a period or comma. The intuitive one knows how to read where the Master did not write, and to listen when the Master is not speaking. The reasoner is a complete slave to the external senses and his soul is as disabled as the boat that the wind misleads upon the waters. The spiritual reasoners are the unhappiest beings that exist upon this earth. They have the mind completely crammed with theories and more theories, and they suffer horribly when they cannot perform anything of which they have read. Those poor beings have terrible pride and commonly they end up separated from the Innermost, converting themselves into Tantric Personalities of the  Abyss. If we take the Mental Body of any pseudo-spiritualist theorizing student, and if we examine it in detail, we will find that it is a true walking library. If then we examine in detail the coccygeal church of Ephesus or chakra Muladhara, we will find that the Kundalini is completely enclosed there, without giving a sign of even the most slight awakening. If we examine the Shushumna canal of the student we will not find vestiges of the Sacred Fire there. We will find that the thirty-three chambers of the given student are completely full of darkness. This internal examination will take us to the conclusion that the given student is lamentably wasting his time.

The student could have a Mental Body converted into a true library, but all of the thirty-three chambers of the spinal column would be completely extinguished and in profound darkness.  Conclusion: this student is an inhabitant of darkness, an inhabitant of the Abyss. The intellectuals are full of pride, arrogance and sexual passion. The intellect is based on reasoning and reasoning is Luciferic and demonic. There are some people who believe they can know God through reasoning. We say that only God knows himself.

It is better to practice internal meditation than to lose time reasoning. Through meditation, we can talk with God, the Innermost, the Being, the Most High, thus we can learn from the Internal Master; thus we can study the divine Wisdom at the feet of the Master. The process of reasoning destroys the delicate membranes of the Mental Body. Thought must flow silently, serenely and integrally, without the struggle of antithesis, without the process of reasoning which divides the mind between opposite concepts. We have to finish with reasoning and awaken the Intuition. Only thus can we learn the true wisdom of God, only thus will the mind be in the hands of the Innermost.

The true positive function of the mind is art, beauty, love, music, the mystical art of love towards divine architecture, towards painting, towards singing, towards sculpture, towards technology placed under the service of the human being, but without selfishness, nor evil, nor hatred, etc. The intellect as the negative function of the mind is demoniacal. Everyone that enters into these studies, the first thing that they want is to dominate the mind of others. This is pure and legitimate black magic. No one has the right to violate the free will of others. No one has the right to exercise coaction upon the mind of others because this is black magic. The ones that are guilty of this grave error are all of those mistaken authors that are everywhere. All of those books of hypnotism, magnetism and suggestion are books of black magic. Whosoever does not know how to respect the free will of others is a black magician; those who perform mental works in order to violently dominate the mind of others convert themselves into perverse demons. These people separate themselves from the Innermost and they crumble into the Abyss.

We must liberate the mind from all types of preconcepts, desires, fears, hatred, schools. All of those defects are locks that anchor the mind to the external senses. One has to change the process of reasoning by the quality of discernment. Discernment is the direct perception of the truth without the process of reasoning. Discernment is comprehension without the need for reasoning. We must change the process of reasoning for the beauty of comprehension. The mind must be completely transformed into an infant; it must be converted into a child full of beauty.

The symbols of Netzach are the Lamp, the Belt and the Rose.

~ Samuel Aun Weor

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