News You Will Not Learn From Mass Media


Master S.Germain

My dear ones. Today’s message contains more news than the media can deliver. We want you to be well informed.

First, cesium is in the food being grown on the west coast of the United States. Most of the farmers are not aware of this. What is eaten in CA, Oregon and coast areas up into Canada is without question not good for health. Can you go to another area to live? If so, go. Those who cannot leave their area need constant checks for radiation. What is being eaten accumulates. Eat what comes from other areas as much as you can. Organically grown food in CA is contaminated at this moment. Can this be remedied? No, not in the near future. See what you can do to delete this answer to the controller dream and get through the next months without getting dis-eased. Keep your mind away from active concerns and do what can be done to delete affected food from your diet.

Next, Australia will not be on the map too much longer if the Australian dollar collapses. It doesn’t get any press now, but Australia is in big financial trouble. News of flooding didn’t make much of an impact on the news media, but it did on the money supply in the cause and effect scale. Australia has less answers to their deficit than the United States because it cannot manipulate its currency in the same way. Beware Australia, your food supply has big deficits coming.

Next we must mention Brazil. This country’s government wants to delete many beautiful miles of God’s agriculture and the world’s oxygen generator in a matter of months. Cutting down the forest for dams to be built will delete many lives on all of man’s continents. We are dismayed at this country’s government that can do this. We want you to do whatever you can to demand it not be done.

Next, more answers to the dollar collapse are needed. What do you think about making a new currency? Make your opinions known now! We can do nothing to keep the dollar on the top of the entry for other currencies. It is going to collapse. Savings will not be lost, change of currency for what is now in banks will be dealt with fairly.

Prayer will not alter the acts of deception being dealt by the news media owners. They want you to feel good and not have awareness of money and food catastrophes in the making. We don’t want your minds disturbed, but we do want you to be able to make conscious choices. Bring your family together and discuss these matters. Give them good dreams to continue dreaming. Give this no active angst, only decisions about what you can do to handle these facts when you can no longer deny them.

Please do not freak out about these words. Not giving you choices would be undermining your ability to take responsibility for the way you can best deal with these things.

Close your door when money madness begins. Give yourself the most demographically healthy food choices, and act on and connect with other free warriors to object to dams being a priority over humanity’s ability to breathe.
 Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna



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