On Memorial Day and Beyond



Remembering with honor all those young men and women that died defending our land+ our liberty within our country from the beginning of the creation for our Nation+ until now.

Remembering those that were driven cunningly+ deceivingly to fight unnecessary wars in foreign land.

We are certain that these young men and women that died in these atrocities of foreign wars, in their hearts and minds they thought they were doing the right thing.

We all have learned the lesson well. And we should move forward to never, ever hurt anyone, Or for that matter take orders from anyone that would lead us endangering the lives of others+ their liberty+ their god- giving lawful rights in their respective land.

We forgive you.

May our Creator have all those young men and women that died fighting wars, living within His Ship of Sacred Light as “Angels” of protection.

So be it be it so


Video, enjoy!

Love and peace for everyone



~ the people

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