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I’m sure you’ve experienced being stopped in your tracks upon seeing 11:11.

For a split second you feel as if suspended…

Anytime you notice 11:11 imagine receiving a special message in a bottle as the universe communicates with you 1 on 1.

On Saturday we’re going to FEEL the 11:11 phenomenon in a big way!

November 11 in any year activates the double 11:11 portal. But THIS year 11.11 happens shortly before 2018, a special year resonating to the 11 portal for 365 straight days!

11 is made up of two 1’s. In numerology 1 symbolizes a fresh start, new momentum, action and beginnings. Doubling up the 1 in 11 creates an irresistible feeling of opportunity.

Creation is birthed in a void. All original ideas are born in this space, where the eternal moment hovers between what was and what will be – and you surrender to the infinite void of pure, pulsating potential.

There is no judgment in this space.

All that is required is your full engagement with what lies before you.

So on 11.11 walk through the gateway with no agenda, no pre-conceived ideas or judgment. Open your heart wide to receive miracles.

Your TOTAL participation dissolves obstacles and separation.
In risking everything to be here and present now, you engage directly with the Source of Creation.

Notice how the number 11 reduces to 2 (1+1 = 2) – symbolizing two beings as ONE, in balance, at peace, able to compromise, sensitive, kind and listening.

When two become one, you are in sync with the natural flow of life and love.

By forgetting yourself and letting go of your fears, you enter not their space, you don’t move from your mind into theirs – you move into YOUR heart… and from that space listen intently to their light.
You BECOME a receiver of that Light and a beacon of wisdom and joy.

This is the TRUE path to abundance.

In an instant you can access this pure, loving frequency of the divine – through the deepest, purest listening.

If you force the process, you tune out the frequency. You lose touch.
Only in surrendering, in risking everything do you unlock your internal 11:11 gateway of light.

Empty yourself, listen and keep refilling with Love!

Love and Abundant Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle.

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