Q posts for November 20th and 19th, 2017 And More



Q posts for November 20th and 19th, 2017

The posts from the 20th are on top, the 19th follows.


















Sunday November 19th























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Update: Running List of Q – https://goo.gl/5H3Mos


“The Biggest Drop Ever”

An overview of stirring revelations/insinuations made on the Internet in October and November of 2017

Release #1, November 20, 2017


The reason for making this book is to present a chronological account for or-dinary folks of what is either the most long lasting LARP (Live Action Role Playing, aka prank) on 4chan or indeed the biggest intelligence drop from the U.S. government to the public, ever, through an agent who calls himself ‘Q’. Except for the first pair, all of Q’s messages were posted on a thread called Calm Before The Storm (CBTS), which at this point, has been archived over 430 times – making it the longest thread on 4chan ever.

As all of this evolves, it is clear that whoever Q may be, his statements, questions and/or insinuations paint a compelling picture: a world about to be set free from the grip of a global cabal that includes CIA, FBI, banker families and royal dynasties.

It was my intention to compile all of Q’s posts into a printable format for poster-ity and for those who prefer not to get swallowed by the flood of information (and disinformation) posted on the CBTS thread (It also seems obvious that the thread is being spammed intentionally).

I spiced up Q’s messages with a selection of tweets and headlines of relevant real life events occurring during the time all if this took place – which was during president Trump’s 12-day trip to Asia. This book tries to present the big picture in one fell swoop.

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