Russia Issues Feared “Firebird-Gray Wolf” Order Against US As Syrian War Endgame Nears









A troubling new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces Colonel-General Oleg Salyukovhas just issued a feared “Firebird-Gray Wolf” order for “special” Russian forces operating in the Levant War Zone (Syria)—and which activates one of the most mysterious, and extremely deadly, fighting forces existing in the world today—with this military orders name being derived from the 19th Russian folklore tale titled “Tsarevitch Ivan, the Firebird and the Gray Wolf” that depicts a mysterious and ever changing gray wolf whose powers can never be underestimated.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Ivan Tsarevitch riding the Gray Wolf to his wedding

Though not explicitly stated in this report due to its high classification, this “Firebird-Gray Wolf” activation order is, undoubtedly, meant for the highly secretive Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin—who is a legendary Russian military intelligence officer that after leaving service founded a private army company of highly trained special forces troops named Moran Security Group—and whose estimated over 5,000 mercenaries under his command in Syria go under various names, including ChVK Vagner, The Wagner Group [English] and the Turan Battalion [English]—but whose true MoD designation remains a classified secret.

Important to understand about these types of secretive and elite Russian forces, no matter what name they go under, is that they are rooted in a decades long MoD military doctrine that, basically, calls for “equal-to-equal” force being utilized against enemies, no matter how repugnant or barbaric—and as exampled during the 1980’s when these types of secretive Russian forces were directed against the Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon who kidnapped four Russian diplomats, killing one named Arkady Katkov.

Rather than even contemplating Hezbollah’s demands for releasing these diplomats, “equal-to-equal” force was applied against this terrorist group by Russian forces—with the example being:

“The KGB kidnapped a man they knew to be a close relative of a prominent Hezbollah leader. They then castrated him and sent the severed organs to the Hezbollah official, before dispatching the unfortunate kinsman with a bullet in the brain.

In addition to presenting him with this grisly proof of their seriousness, the KGB operatives also advised the Hezbollah leader that they knew the identities of other close relatives of his, and that he could expect more such packages if the three Soviet diplomats were not freed immediately.”






Feared Russian mercenary leader Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin







Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin (far right) with President Putin

Like they had done against Hezbollah terrorists in the 1980’s, scattered reports emerging from Syria are showing that these secretive Russian forces under the command Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin are, likewise, matching ISIS terrorists with “equal-to-equal” force brutality too—and includes these Russian mercenaries buying Muslim child brides (a sacrilege to these radical Muslims) and beheading every ISIS fighter they capture—but with only one video of their secretive operations in Syria ever being released, and that shows them liberating the Orthodox Christian Syrian village of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham before ISIS terrorists could slaughter its inhabitants.

As to the “Firebird-Gray Wolf” activation order being given, this MoD explains, it is in “direct retaliation” for US supported forces in Raqqa allowing ISIS terrorists to leave that besieged city, and US ally Turkey, likewise doing the same thing in the Syrian areas under their control—with over 1,000 of these ISIS terrorists funneled into Iraq by the US and Turkey then being unleashed back into Syria.

To cover-up their long known complicity with ISIS, too, this report continues, the US has begun carpet-bombing Raqqa in order to destroy the evidence of Western weapons and ammunition given to these terrorists to support their reign of barbarity—while at the same time, the MoD continues to ask the Americans why they are pretending to fight ISIS when they really aren’t.

Equally as worse, this report details, the US is, also, still refusing to answer why it’s allowing these ISIS terrorists to operate under American protection, and who, while under US protection, have begun raiding aid convoys.

With the US and its allies destroying everything in Syria except for the ISIS terrorists their supposed to be fighting, this report continues, it has been left to up to Russian and Syrian military forces to destroy these modern day Islamic barbarians—and that includes Russian air power conducting over 150 strikes a day and decapitating these terrorists by killing their military leadership ranks—and that enabled Syrian military forces, yesterday, to recapture Al-Mayadeen in Deir ez-Zor province, one of the last strongholds still remaining in the hands of ISIS—while at the same time, the American people are still not being told that the Syrian military is one of the most professional non-sectarian fighting forces in the world—and that is the reason for today’s true headlines proclaiming “Once Promised Paradise, IS Fighters End Up In Mass Graves”.








To the greatest atrocity, however, of this Syrian war being kept from the American by their propaganda mainstream media, this report details, is the secret 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report that was mysteriously leaked to the US conservative public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, and that conclusively proved that ISIS was created by the Obama-Clinton regime in order to use it against the Syrian government—and whose leaker of this shocking secret document was then DIA Director, and US Army Lieutenant General, Michael Flynn—who instead of his being hailed as hero for revealing this crime, was, instead, in 2014, forced out office by the Obama-Clinton regime, and whom even President Trump couldn’t save, but who did admit it was a mistake to fire him.

So with this “Firebird-Gray Wolf” activation order now being issued to the feared and secretive Russian mercenary forces commanded by Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin in Syria, it would be correct to surmise that the endgame of this war is going to take a shockingly bloody turn for the worse before it gets better—with, and sadly, the US taking the brunt of these new horrors to soon come—as even young Russian school girls and grandmothers show more skill and strength than their American counterparts.



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