Six Months to Go



Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all this night, this very night; this is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, this is the closest the sun will come to you, and there is much spirit that comes this day or this night. This night will come a midsummer night’s dream, a dream that you’ve all been dreaming of, and wherever a dream is placed in the psyche of man that dream will come true. On this planet there is a dream of ascension, there is a dream of love, there is a dream of a new world, and when everybody dreams the same dream then that dream must manifest; and that dream is manifesting. In exactly six months from this very day, on the shortest day, all the planets will be in perfect alignment for ascension, just like on this day the sun is closest to your part of the world and you are being supported by the sun; on the longest night you will be supported by the planets.

The new world is coming dear ones and you will be supported by the energies of the planets, and this planet is being guided in a journey back to love. In exactly six months from now exactly one hundred and forty four thousand men and women will ascend to a new level of consciousness. They will go through a personal polar shift; they will move from negative to positive and they will create their lives purely out of positive energy, purely out of love, and the dark side will begin to recede. Those one hundred and forty four thousand people are here to support the second, third, and fourth waves of this new consciousness. This will take time, but the planets are here supporting you, and all of Spirit world is here supporting you. There is much focus about Mother Earth and this process of ascension that is happening. This will be a dream come true, and many, many things are happening in the Universe as you celebrate your summer solstice. This summer solstice will bring you love, energy and activation. You will be activating your upper heart chakra and opening up to the New World; to a new consciousness where the whole world is filled with love. This consciousness will be permeating every aspect of human life; every level of human society from the rich to the poor, through the working classes, the middle classes, and the ruling classes. It will be equal; all men and all women will be treated equally by the Universe. The hundred and forty four thousand will emulate this consciousness teaching those who want to love to love; be they rich or poor, no matter how exalted or how humble, those from the highest levels of society will be treated equally with those at the lowest levels. Those with the high consciousness will have as much opportunity as those with the low consciousness.

There is a another world coming dear ones. Allow your hearts to open for there is a voluntary return to the whole, and those that have been worshipping negative consciousness, suppressing and depressing consciousness, those who are taking power that does not belong to them will also be moving to new levels of consciousness, for them there will be no choice they will be shifted and cleared on automatic. It is thought that this is the planet of free choice, but all choices have to be made within a band of consciousness that operates at a certain vibration. It looks like they were operating at the highest consciousness but in truth they have been operating at the lower levels of consciousness. Your leaders or rulers were doing what they thought was right, but it has been meant to be that this planet has wondered far away from the Great Spirit and now everybody is on the return journey, heading homewards towards love and towards a new consciousness. On this planet opportunity presents itself and you will find out what it is like to return back to love and to the loving God.

Today on the summer solstice, a day that love conquers all, you have much more energy than usual. Allow yourself to use your energy to heal on the inside, bringing love and light into your heart and allow your hearts to expand and connect with your neighbours’ hearts, and allow love to flow from your heart to everybody’s heart in the room, and allow your hearts to connect through space and through time to the hearts of all the Kryon family, and receive love from everybody’s heart in the Kryon family into your heart, allow it to heal the hurt that stops the love flowing inside your own hearts. Allow yourselves to descend into your bodies, connecting with your physical bodies, and feeling whatever your feeling this night. Everybody has a dream… just think of your dream… feel your dream… feel whatever blocks your dream… feel what it is that stops your dream and allow the love that’s flowing through your heart from everybody in the Kryon family to flow into the hurt and the unconsciousness that stops your dream manifesting.

Just be with your feelings… let your feelings come and let them go… and come deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies… just feel the hurt dissolving and your heart expanding and your dream coming closer and closer to manifestation… let the feelings come and let the feelings go… allowing your heart to expand more and more and more until your heart can feel and touch the Universe… allowing your heart to grow and to expand… allowing your mind to go to sleep, to relax, to chill out, and let your heart do its work… Just allowing for your heart to connect with the Universe, bringing universal love to your heart and to your body… and let the heart feel the heart of the Universe… and let your heart spend some time with the heart of the Universe, feeling the harmony of the universal heart… just allowing the love to flow… this connection will bring new feelings to your body so stay with that connection and keep feeling whatever you are feeling… if you are one of the hundred and forty four thousand let your dream of ascension manifest… let it manifest in your own heart… allowing for your heart to ascend to this new level of consciousness.

This consciousness is pure love and love is not always compatible with the way things are done here on Earth. Mass consciousness on the Earth plane is not a consciousness of love, but it is mass consciousness that everybody dreams of love. So allow the universal heart to teach your heart about love and about consciousness… allow for this connection to activate your cells and your DNA… and allow it to activate your upper heart… let the feelings come and let them go… as love comes into your heart what is not love will release… so let the love come in and what is not love let it go… if you don’t know how to do that just let the love teach you… love knows everything… love is knowledge and the love will teach you to love… it will teach you to let go what no longer serves you and the love will take you on a journey to the new consciousness… your mind also has to open to this new consciousness but your mind finds it very difficult to understand this new consciousness for the new consciousness is both four and five dimensional and you have a three dimensional mind… just allowing the love to flow from your heart into this new chakra between your heart and throat, the turquoise coloured chakra, will allow you to connect to the 4th dimension and will allow for the ascension of your mind… it will allow your mind to ascend to new levels of consciousness, so allow the love to flow through your heart into the upper heart chakra and then into your mind and allow the love to reconnect your mind to this new levels of consciousness.

There are many disconnections at these low levels of consciousness; so just allow the love to flow to your mind once again dissolving what does not serve you and allowing these new connections to be made and allowing your physical body to be lifted to new levels of consciousness and allowing your mind to move to the 4th dimension. This is the dimension where all your thoughts are love. Allow the love to flow through your heart into your upper heart chakra, into your mind, and allow your mind to connect to the 4th dimensional universal mind… and just knowing that once you do this you will never ever be the same again. Allow the magic of this mid-summer night to flow through your heart into your upper heart chakra and into your mind… just allowing the love to flow and allowing your physical body to ascend creating more and more space in your body… let the love light up the darkness and let Kryon channel the darkness back to the light… and just allowing the room to ascend to the 4th and 5th dimensions… just feeling the new consciousness all around you… like a fish in the ocean… being held in suspension.

Just allow the energies of the new world to hold you, to caress you and to love you… and be with your heart… feeling your heart… just relaxing more and more… go deeper and deeper and deeper, almost trance like… just feeling the energies of the new age and letting your body get used to these energies… allowing your energies to go higher and higher… higher than you have ever been lifted before… feeling and experiencing these new levels of consciousness… your energies are now flowing through the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension… and don’t let your mind interfere… hand your mind over to Kryon… and all these thoughts, the thoughts of doubt… and just allow your heart to take you to these different dimensions, healing and releasing whatever needs to heal and release… feeling what is in the way and handing these feelings that are 4th and 5th dimensional over to Kryon.

Just allowing yourselves to go higher and higher… higher than you ever been lifted before… allowing yourselves and your DNA to activate… your cells changing from negative to positive and allowing a utopian harmony to flow through your body… teaching yourselves and your DNA about utopia and harmony… just let the feelings come and let them go… going higher and higher and higher… just feeling the love… feeling these other dimensions… just let the feelings come and let them go… and allowing your body to drift into other worlds… to the other dimensions… and allowing this new world and this new age to activate within inside yourself… allowing for a new structure within your body… allowing this new structure to activate the masculine structure… this is a new way of the masculine being masculine and the feminine being feminine… just allow all these things to happen on the inside of you… and if you can allow this to happen on the longest day of the year… you’ll be able to allow this to happen on the longest night of the year.

Dear ones the new world is coming and this is what it feels like… it just feels like love… and just know dear ones you will never ever be the same again.

Go well and God bless, enjoy your ascension, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.

Kryon -David Brown

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