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For those that do not know who Q anon is, please watch the first video of these series of videos. Actually Q anon is giving us, the American people all the tips: clues for us to do our due diligence of finding out who our enemies are, and what is taking place here in our country and worldwide, and since the common media do not report the truth, except for Alex Jones that is doing NOW a good job reporting Q! Go Alex!

WE the people are doing a universal clean up… no exceptions… For now keep being educated, and pray! Pray…

….YES president Donald Trump is in our team! And so is our military: HATJ.

Fear NOT.  The corporal terrorist’s enterprise game is OVER. We are coming to your county and arrest all one by one… starting with the county clerk, and the corporal county sheriff, and along with the corporal courts staff in your neighborhood.

Guantanamo is waiting for them for all the hideous known crimes committed to our people, inclusive that of killing our children, = human trafficking, promoting sexual immorality, and mortgage fraud.

Meanwhile entertain yourselves with the thread of resignations…, these does not include previous years, that were more specifically that of bankers= or killed.  ALL together, we are certain they could not continue any longer committing treason against the people, isn’t it? Translation: Siphoning our money, = energy from the people’s owned private accounts, killing our people, and destroying our planet, along with the talmudicdemonsjewishconsforeignagents BAR members that are the main perpetrators for the criminal terrorists enterprise worldwide.  Fuckwits:  Link: Notable Resignations – Thread: – Please help and post more Info in this thread. Thx! Also read:

We believe you will love Q! Have fun watching these videos, and by all means follow these people that are bringing us the latest update…

These are some of the latest Q posts:





















This guy is good… a doctor?

Keep up to this guy second video of his series…

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~ the people

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