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Mi Colombia Querida 1

Mi Colombia Querida

We the people of this earth are all one and the same, with this being said let us all enjoy everyone cultures with love and respect.   LOVE= ONE

The Agricultural Failure 0

The Agricultural Failure

  Watch these two videos so you can get informed more specifically about the BS we have to put up with by corporations, and the government itself. And why we need to put and...

Prayer to Mother Earth 0

Prayer to Mother Earth

  We present ourselves before you at this solemn moment to express our awareness, our gratitude and our aspiration as a spiritual family. We know that our ancestors are always alive in us and...

The Our Father 3

The Our Father

The Lord Prayer: Very Powerful: Our Father Who Art In Heaven Hallow Be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven Give Us This Day Our...

Life 6


We came to earth, this sphere, or little blue planet for having physical experiences, or should we say going to school or universities if you will. Creator gave us the gift for experiencing itself...