The Our Father

The Lord Prayer: Very Powerful:

Our Father

Who Art

In Heaven

Hallow Be

Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Will

Be Done

On Earth

As It Is

In Heaven

Give Us

This Day

Our Daily Bread And

Forgive Us

Our Debts

As We Forgive

Our Debtors

Our Trespasses

Lead Us

[Not] In Temptation

And Deliver Us

From Evil

A Men

~Lord Jesus

This is a magic prayer of immense power, even Master Jesus encouraged the multitude of followers to say this prayer with all your heart. Learn  it by memory and constantly say it to your father who art in secret, meaning your own god within yourself, within your heart. Remember that the only true god, true master, is the one that sits in your heaven; your heart.

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