The Agricultural Failure


Watch these two videos so you can get informed more specifically about the BS we have to put up with by corporations, and the government itself. And why we need to put and end to this now! We are the ones that have the power, not them, as without we, the people, they are just dust in the wind. With this being said, then lets bring them down, down to dust. Lets focus our intention, and lets do this, and please share so the power of intention from everyone is even greater!

And for those Whole Food Store lovers, wake up! As for what we suspect, Whole Food is own by Monsanto now! I have been going to the Whole Food Store for years, until in the beginning of this year, when I was going through their salad bar that I had a Wake Up call, and ever since I have not been able to eat that salad bar never again, except for some things that I believe Monsanto haven’t manipulated yet. I get upset that I pay so much extra money for what I think is save food, when in truth it’s not! And I feel sad when I see those people eating for example tofu, which is all genetically modified!

We need to be careful because the Whole Food Store is not what it used to be. I keep on thinking that everything in that Whole Food Store kitchen has now the Monsanto signature, disgusting! Can you imagine, aspartame being sprayed on everything… msg, and whatever is more appealing to destroys our organs.

I go to the Farmer Market close by in my hometown where their products are from local growers. Every town has a local Farmer Market, go and shop for your products there and support their effort, and pray that does not have Monsanto signature.

Lets clean up this earth now people, lets clean house, lets stick together, and lets bring up new changes!

Lets support California labeling GMO food

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