The Cosmic Ray of Intergalactic Service

Read to yourself, and with love meditate to this powerful message

I align with my Mighty I Am Presence, Mother Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,as I now call forth the Overlighting of the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, and Lord Metatron, the Caretaker to the Super-Electron, to lift me into the Cosmic Golden Flame of Metatronic Consciousness.

I now ask to be placed in a Metatronic Amplified Consciousness Chamber of Light,

for an accelerated download of Light packets of information.  I request the full amplification of the Super-Electron, to the maximum Light quotient possible, and a deeper understanding of my service work, through the most appropriate disciplines relative to my cosmic consciousness awareness and frequency patterns.

As I experience these foundational overlays of multi-dimensional templating within the

physical body, I am cloaked in this seventh dimensional Cosmic Golden Flame of Light,

and through this matrix of interconnectiveness and quantum light activations,

I experience myself as a nodal point of energy vibrating within this forcefield of Divine Love,

as the molecules and atoms within my body spin in increased frequencies of Light.

I now call forth to the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, to take me to the Ascension Seat in Andromeda, and into the Cosmic Ray of Intergalactic Service. As I enter into this Golden Flame of Intergalactic Service, I experience the activation of my dormant DNA to this seventh dimensional frequency of Light, as I now merge with my seventh dimensional Selves, and activate my coded Divine Blueprint of Light, experiencing myself through my I Am Avatar blueprint,

building my etheric, electronic, body of Light, and my perfect Adam Kadmon Blueprint of Light.

I now experience the perfect balance of Cosmic power, Love and wisdom within the deepest levels of my Being, as I release and transmute any power issues, conditional love and any lesser-than-and-better-than consciousness issues I may still have, lifting myself into the Cosmic Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God, and the knowing of my own Divinity as this sacred Master Being of Love.

I now assist in anchoring and activating this Cosmic ray of Intergalactic Service

in this Golden three-fold flame of Light, taking it through this quadrant of the Galaxy, through this Solar System, now onto Earth, into Shamballa, and now into the Unity Grid of Light.

I connect with the Light workers, starseeded ones, the Beings of Light from On High, and Mother Earth, as I now wrap the Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Golden Flame of Light,

bringing through the perfect balance of power, Love and wisdom for all Life on this Earth.

I now assist in activating the group planetary Merkaba through this Unified Field of Light,

through downloads of Light spiralling forth from the super-electron,and lifting all Life on this Earth plane into the higher dimensions, and into the Heart and Mind of Mother~Father God,

through this Cosmic three-fold Flame.

I Am Power,

I Am Love,

I Am Wisdom,

I Am All That I Am.


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