The Harmonic Convergence

People from all over the universe are watching us to see how this convergence will unfold. Now for those people who are not aware of what is taking place , please watch the following two videos, and join us to bring about new changes to our Earth, our consciousness, and our universe. Our intention is to unite the forces of ourselves to a common goal, that is to erasing dark forces that for so long has kept the Earth, and us enslave. With the help of all angels, ascended masters, and the opening of the new portal in Arkansas, USA, we’ll be on our way to a new beginning. The dates of 20-21 of October are crucial for us to unite in prayers and meditation, but also all throughout the year, and beyond, for us to enter our new horizon!

Remember that we, the people are the force, the light, and the way to creating the outcome, the future of our planet. Be not afraid to the power of who you are, which is a light being full of love and wonders, that can manifest anything that will bring itself happiness, and to the greatest good as well.

We are evolving, we are changing to a new level of consciousness, we are not what we were! This new level of consciousness will empower us to our highest potential. Be love, be light, be the change we want to see!

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