The Party is Over: Nothing is a Coincidence: Enjoy the Show









~: POTUS with First Lady Melania above representing our country the United States on a special visit for the Royals that for a fact is a straight message for them realizing that the Party is OVER.






~: Nothing is by coincidence: Nothing: A Ninety two years old woman Queen not being scorted by her own family?~>> Left. All. Alone.

Below, POTUS sitting on Winston Churchill chair during visiting the Royals. For those that are not aware, Winston Churchill was a demented being that had the notion invading others sovereign countries for fun+ stealing their wealth was the right thing to do. He brought much suffering for the people from India+ Check Republic to name a few. We ask, why would anyone want to sit on a chair where a top criminal like Winston Churchill sat? I would vomit instead!  We think the American people should have more pride with who we want to associate with for sure.









Picture below is POTUS with prime minister from Croatia taking at the alleged NATO meeting. Croatia did win over England football game, is it not?  For those that are not aware, NATO was killed in 2012.  Meaning NATO is dead. Buried. For what you see now is just a show for the masses, that is all!









Enjoy the Show:

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🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸   = Where We Go 1 We Go All

Make America Great Again= MAGA

Make the Existence Great Again= MEGA

For. Peace. Abundance. Honor. For. All. The. Existence.

…and we quote:

Consciousness (including the state of consciousness defined as “human”), Existence, Love, and Unity of all that is…was NEVER up for negotiation. Let alone the control by the few. ~ in love~ hatj.


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~ the people












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