The Wesak Festival



Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. Tune in this year to the Wesak Festival. As always, of global importance. More now than ever. Do not miss your chance to meditate in these energies and integrate Oneness into your Being. In the Himalayan mountain range in Tibet is the most holy of places, the center of Earth, Mt Kailash and Vaisakha or Wesak Valley.

Here the Buddha is celebrated by members of all religions and walks of life. Wesak is a special time to connect with the Supreme moment all year when the Buddha and Christ, Jesus, come together to step down energies of Blessing to all on Earth. This happens with a Water Ceremony seen to cleanse Earth and all Sentient Life on Her. Buddha is also known as Maitreya and is also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and one of the Seven Holy Kumaras from Venus named Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. Sananda Kumara, myself, also from Venus and also known as Jesus the Christ. The others are Sujata, Sanaka, Sanatana, Sana and Kapila. There are four Exoteric and three Esoteric Kumaras.

The Exoteric refer to those who are Extraterrestrials working Off-Planet in cooperation with the Esoteric which refer to those who are Extraterrestrials working Within-Planet or at Inner Earth. They have also been known as Intraterrestrials.

The Exoteric Kumaras have their own MotherShips as well as taking on physical forms and incarnating in bodies on Earth. These refer to the Ones who are called the benevolent Extraterrestrials.

They and their Crews and ShipMates have assisted Earth and visited Earth through all time since Creation. They are the Ancient Astronauts of which there is much evidence.

The Exoteric Kumaras other names they are known by are Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Kalki Maitreya and Mother Sekhmet. There is no limit to where they may travel.

The Esoteric Kumaras are Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raguel. The Esoteric Kumaras also take on physical forms and incarnate in bodies on Earth. The have also been known as St Germain, Moses, Akhenaton and traveling between both On and to Inner Earth. There is no limit to where they may travel.The Wesak festival, each year in the Taurus Full Moon, invoke the Divine in everyone. Through the Buddha, the Wisdom of the Supreme streams forth. Through the Christ, the Love of the Supreme manifests in Humanity. It is this Wisdom and Love which renews Humanity each Wesak.

Buddhists and Christians in east meets west as well as Exoterics meeting Esoterics in a parting of the Seas at each of the Poles. On Wesak they meet by crossing the StarGate on Kailash at Wesak Valley where the Blessing of the Water Ceremony is poured out to all in and on Earth. The Buddhists have long been the keepers of the keys in the cave entries into Inner Earth from Lhasa and many other secret locations across the Himalayas. This is the reason the Chinese pushed the Dali Lama out of Tibet. He is an Esoteric Kumar interacting at Shambhala at Inner Earth.

Inner Earth Shambhala

Shambhala is both a physical place at Inner Earth as well as an Exoteric place in the celestial cities. Santa Kumara heads the Capital City of Shambhala in Argatha at Inner Earth. He is also incarnate and living now in a Body on Earth doing Humanitarian work and bringing in Divine Government with the help of his consort who is also incarnate in a Body on Earth working with Extraterrestrials and also bringing about Divine Government on Earth. These two are referred to often as Mother Father God and are the Trimurti, together, or the Holy Trinity as it were.

Sanat Kumara with Buddhists go between Inner Earth and the Himalayas all year working together to keep peace on Earth. There are others on Earth who also participate with these meetings. The work of both Zorra and Corey Goode has been to raise awareness of Inner Earth. Both are dark Ones who have fought on the side of the few wanting to control the many. Their stories are part fictitious and part true. Both were soldiers, Corey at Inner Earth and Zorra working at Area 51, both fighting for the malevolent Extraterrestrials. Stormtroopers as such, like in Star Wars. Working for the reptilians and Archons, the Dragon families. It was important to raise awareness and at the same time those still in the matrix were not yet ready for the whole story. That has changed now. All malevolent Extraterrestrials will be gone with the Event Disclosure. Inner Earth Beings are ready to be Mentors to those on Earth now to assist with their Ascension. In short time after Wesak this will become a possibility. Only those who have Transcended the matrix will be allowed to travel to Shambhala at Inner Earth, it is well guarded. As you complete your Ascension with the Inner work, it will be possible to travel there. Whales and Dolphins do their migration through Inner Earth. In the not too far future you will swim with the dolphins at pristine Inner Lagoons. The Mentors for Inner Earth will be actively involved in returning Earth to it’s full pristine beauty in cooperation with the Magical Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms with the Divas as we all Ascend together. Pure beauty and peace will be known on the Planet again.

Exoteric Shambhala is the Sentient computer within each one of us (audio recorded at the ears and video recorded at they eyes) which connects to the larger computer system at Shambhala in the celestial cities and the connected grid of Sentient computers at the Lords Most High Council where the Watchers record the Akasha from each of the infinite Planets in the Cosmos. These are the videos on play back called up from Ship Computers run by Soltec when working with your Mentors post mortem, doing a life review and deciding on the next journey of life. As you Transcend Earth you may come back after this lifetime. As you do not Transcend Earth, since karma no longer exists here within the 5th Dimension and above, you will not be invited back. It is important to connect with the Wesak energy this week so you may access Higher Knowledge and know the importance of the Inner work in your life now. You are never alone. It is never too late.

The Science of Planetary, Galactic and Cosmic Ascension

Earth is set on a new Timeline. The Earth Hologram has been nestled into the Galactic and Universal Holograms. Earth on Her new Timeline has anchored Divine Government. Looking at the United States elections and thinking either of those two main candidates, one a Dragon, one an Archon and both Nazi’s of the 4th Reich and both with long and varied criminal activity, will be elected, think again. It is not possible. Earth is on Her new Timeline. There is another Plan at hand. The elections will not be like any other before. Both candidates are ineligible and the reasons why will be made public over the next few weeks. Focusing on what we know about Divine Government and sharing the information with others, a good plan. Worrying about the day to day headlines of the election a waste of time. As we match our frequency with the goal, a resonant frequency forms Coherence.

Our Planet is able to have new opportunities and breakthroughs never possible before. Coherence is a factor in harmonizing within a group system, whether the Planet, the Galaxy, the Universe or the Cosmos. With Planetary Coherence we include the 5 Elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. Being One with nature groups like mountains, caves, fresh water, deserts, seas, forests, jungle and aware of how daily choices effect the ecosystem is important now. Having Coherence with this New Earth very important. Being One with the Animal Kingdom and those in the Seas; birds, fish, crawlers, 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds living in harmony within their natural environments. Being One with the Magical Kingdom; fairies, trolls, gnomes, unicorns, pegasus, mermaids and many others.

Since everything is energy and all energy is connected, any time you spend on the old version of the time line, in the programming, in the matrix will can an incoherence in resonance. It causes a stuckness. It means wrong relationships, bad timing and lack of movement. It can be like living Ground Hog’s Day over and again until you are able to see you are the one created the disconnect. Everything is here and now, but in various states of visibility and invisibility depending upon the frequency that you are operating on, and that means the belief system, the definitions that you buy into most strongly. The first step to change is recognizing you are the problem. You are the solution. Connect during the Wesak Full Moon with these life systems as well as the Exoteric and Esoteric at Planet Earth and the glowing orbs with Earth, Sun and Moon. Come into balance with All That Is.

The Science of Human Ascension

Personal Coherence within our Body, Mind, Spirit and Etheric Bodies of great significance as we work with smaller and smaller groups of Society, Community and Family. Include all Sentient Forms involved with Earth including Exoteric, Esoteric, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrids and those of the Magical realm like dwarves and giants, big footing many more living in and on Earth.

Time for a self-assessment. Are we putting one face to the public and one face in private? Have we cleared traumas? Do we continue to be triggered by decades old conflict? Is our ego mind in charge of the words and thoughts we convey to strangers, to our parents, or our children? How is your authenticity between your personality and your Highest form? Are you self-actualized? Look inside and give yourself the space and time needed to work through a good self-assessment. Any areas needing work require contemplation, meditation and clearing. Get the help of others as needed. Look at how you are treating your Body including your diet and hygiene and other practices. Make adjustments.

As you remain in the old timeline with a bad attitude, bad relationships, uncomfortable in your skin, making pour choices over again and living in negative Consciousness, it makes Coherence within your Light Body System impossible. A happy well adjusted and care free Conscience allows our hearts to carry more Light within the Plasma Light Body System and radiates out the Energy which then harmonizes with New Earth, Inner and Outer. Peace within. Peace without. In this Consciousness the two worlds may reunite.

The Trimurti Energy

The Trimurti consist of, in Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with their consorts, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. This corresponds with the Christian Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Man has changed the meanings in both religions over the past several hundred years. We understand Twin Flames and the Trinity is a Supreme version of Twin Flames we have not fully grasped yet. It is not easy to understand. The Trinity is what is termed the Godhead. It is the Supreme. It is the highest form of creation energy. The Father in Hinduism and Buddhism is Vishnu. An incarnation of Vishnu is Buddha, Sanat Kumara. The Son in Christianity, Jesus, Sananda Kumara. As we learn that intelligent energy is conscious and energy is Consciousness we are able to be at One with All That Is seeing our own Divinity in all the energy systems around us.

Feel this connection on Wesak Full Moon. Buddha, the head, transmits energy through Jesus, the heart, to all Humanity on Earth. This Full Moon the most important of our lifetimes. Be there in meditation and receive this Blessing. Radiate the transmission from your heart to all on Earth. See the new Timeline and all involved at peace.

Being A Spiritual Warrior

This Wesak Full Moon brings with it the ability to heal Body, Mind and Soul as never before. Being a Spiritual Warrior means striving for purity in all aspects of your life. Decide what is acceptable to you and live it everyday. Make choices about how you spend your money, what is behind your integrity and who that personality is which you represent in all aspects of your life. Base your everyday decisions on being an authentic representation of who you really are. Search your life and make improvements. Drop old habits. Evolve.

Connecting Your Frequency to the Wesak Energy

This is the greatest time ever to meditate on what changes you would like to see on Earth in politics, government, economy, weather change, food production, pollution, war, banking, military, medicine, science, technology, conservation, clean water and abundant life for all. You are not powerless. This gives you an energetic exchange which is elevated of all others to focus clearly your intentions for the causes stirring your Mission on Earth.

Healing Traumas and Inviting your Inner Child Back To Your Life

As you address early traumas and release them your Coherence has no filter to go through and nothing can hold you back. As you hold on to traumas, refuse to forgive, refuse to get over it, you lay your path toward disease and eventual death. The Wesak Full Moon is your chance to effortlessly let go of old hurts which no longer matter. Take the necessary steps to liberate your mind and your heart from passed perceived hurts. Let it go. Help your ego mind to become small so you have power over your thoughts and are able to resonate Higher. The life you save may be your own.

How to Be a World Server

The Wesak Festival is an extension of the Divine Plan on Earth. Each One participating will connect with Higher Energies filtered down from Source energy and combined with electro magnetic technologies on surrounding Ships from our Galactic Family ending in an impulse transmission which will provide an acceleration of wisdom and love to DNA programming in our bodies and a once a year upgrade. Working together in unison we receive this energy as it anchors into Earth through our bodies and becomes a transmission to all Beings on Earth at the same moment. Those of us who participate by directing their attention to receive these energies anchor them into Earth. From here surprise turns of events take place as we have this year done all of the ceremonies prior to this for changeover. There is no going back.

How to Make All Your Dreams Come True

The healthiest thing you could do today is to work to increase your discernment and be careful about what you read and what you attach your integrity to. For at least 30 years there has been a great effort to hide the truth from you.

As you let go of unhealthy relationships and self-judgment, regrets, guilt, toxic activities, thoughts and people you float gently to the next Coherence with the your Twin Flame. This affects all people within your touch; your Family, your Community, your Society, your Planet and the Cosmos.

~Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 19, 2016.  All My Love, beth.

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