Time for Balancing our Lives: Enforce In-Force


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: In 2016 I read an article that kicked my ass exactly where it needed be kicked. I realized then that I needed to make peace with my own shadow Or I would never ever would really see the light the way it is suppose be seeing. I instantly realized that I had work to do.

Long and behold I made peace with my own shadow. I remember saying that in order being whole I needed my own shadow with me, however, I made clear that we were: are two in ONE+ our force was meant: is for making us powerful for the greatest good.+ >> That we both realize that we can both be evil [destroyers] as well as creators [bring about new life] for the betterment for all. Then I remember suddenly a clear thought telling me that [keeping balance was the greatest challenge].


Yes conscious balance of: for our own growth= having courage. knowing BE’ing+ DO’ing+ being responsible for all our own actions. knowing knowledge. knowing how to navigate the game of life. knowing that we have the tools with us. knowing the tools are within us! knowing that we are[have] the power for making our earth the best planet within our galaxy [Heaven].+>> Make[ing] ourselves enlighten powerful masters for the betterment for all the creation.

: Holy. Holy. Holy… responsibility?  and this apply for everyone. Which reminds me that we all have tremendous amount <work> at hands. We ask, what do you want doing with your disgusting. arrogant. stupid. greedy. unhappy attitude that insults everyone that pass by? Who the fuck are you glutton. dirt bag. red shoes. maggot. satan worshiper. vampire. drug addict. un-natural. fuckwit. control freak?

You have all the tools needed for you shifting= face your own shadows now. Is An InSide Job!

~: Thank you my shadow! Peace. Love.

~ LFabre

Enjoy the journey everyone. Navigate: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/face-your-shadows/

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: And for more power for you, >> take time for watching the last video. Very enlightening…

Navigate: www.freeport1953.com

http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/time-for-balancing-our-lives-enforce-in-force/= this posting

~ the people





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