Tracking Down the China Communist Party CoronaVirus Insanity

Mind Blowing report about the CoronaVirus, and its propagandas worldwide. The one thing that we all need to understand is that China Communist Party owns all televisions, radios, and news paper medias worldwide, inclusive of Hollywood, and Bollywood. With this being the facts, it is no wonder the CoronaVirus is worldwide, whether it is true or NOT.

It is all a synchronized system where what ever one television, or radio station said about the issue of the CoronaVirus for example, this would be then said all throughout the world. It is here where then the actors, and the lies comes to play an important role respectively.= deception, and fear mongering thrown at the people. At the vulnerable. And this includes as well, propagating sexual immorality within schools, colleges, and churches, the degeneration of the species, human trafficking in all forms, and  the destruction of the environment.

And they even have the audacity reporting all the deaths related to something else, let say due to the Flu, heart failure, and or even an accident, Be related/recorded as a victim of the fucking CoronaVirus. What exactly do this tells us. It tells us that no one have died of the CoronaVirus, no one! This is all a scamdemic of highest proportion. And the same scenario is being played worldwide!

This is a war mongering based on control, and spreading fear in all forms to the people.

This is a disgrace, and disrespect to the human race, and the creation.

China Communist Party must Be cease and desist, and so must be all theirs medias manipulation across the world. All medias must  return to the people within their respective nations, and theirs respective communities. So be it!

Intel Report video

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