For we are all ORIGINAL


These documents are for all reading: know that you need not for filing a Factualized Trust for yourself, as that has been done for us all worldwide by the team that was working since 2012 with the former  OPPT, that was a tool for manifesting the worldwide distribution of wealth for all living from planet earth.

ALL IAM that be from above and below this Physical realm universe, are all included in the DECLARATION OF FACTUALIZED TRUST signed by Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, thus we do not need filing one separately. If you have some issues as we know you have with agencies that are there for serving the people such as “banks” that are nothing more than change stations for the people, inclusive of all utilities companies, insurance commissioner, Port Authority, and all those the American people pay their debts that they are NOT suppose having, as all debts are prepaid, and pre-authorized.

There are no more debts.

The American people, and all across the world are demanding for the releasing: the access for their private and personal TDA immediately and without prejudice. Those accounts are already set up for the using for the people. There are countless ways for accessing the TDA, however, the bank(s) routing number from the bank of their choosing+ their social security number should be their account for accessing their TDA, NOT the FAKE bank account that they are giving the people at any bank, as that is a social security number+ some extra numbers for identification purpose of the bank CEO!

FOR the f>>>ng fraud must stop immediately.

Further, all banks: merchants that are restraining the access for the people for their Treasury Direct Account= TDA, would be liable, responsible, and accountable for their own actions. READ this link here: PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL THOSE THAT CONCERN.

Read the Example for the Factualized Trust documentation below for your knowing of what has been DONE. Link here:

AND navigate the entire ORIGINAL Universe here: all at Original Factualized section.

There it is no need for Amazon for example be restraining the people from using their TDA, inclusive blocking their Amazon Account for security purpose! We ask ourselves, what security? As we know for a fact that one of the  entities we should be aware of is Amazon itself. Their criminal activities are visible. The TDA is unfettered, thus stop embarrassing the people as if Amazon is the owner of the people’s TDA, or they are lending us money, – = asking the people unnecessary questions + sending us asking our bank permission in order for us doing our banking needs.

Let us remind Amazon’s CEO that we know for a fact that he made his fortune with the TDA from the American people, inclusive of their own employees!

FOR the banks+ Paypal are in the same position, = fraud.

YOU are fucking double dipping, and so are all merchants.

We know that your are manipulating the technology for doing the fraud.


All the fraud are out for the entire world knowing…

We are all ORIGINAL. Rest in peace: be with peace.

Do not let the happenings pass you by… WE are in another Universe;


935880_497499053660567_109302500_n = Responsibility= we are all custodians for our planet= for all creatures, – = for all living systems that are here to: for us for thriving!






~the people have spoken



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