Letter for JoANN Counihan and all Associates at Stonegate Bank

For JoAnn, thanks so very much for your service for others at your bank, we appreciate you all indeed.

FOR with our last conversation on 08/02/17 at time 10:20 AM, you claim that a purchase for $13.97 that I did through Amazon with my lawful account that it is unfettered, = my social security account number= SSAN+ your bank routing number= my Treasury Direct Account= TDA= Original account holder. A fact. For be it known that we were monitoring this purchase, as we know for a fact that Amazon is embedded with fraud along with all “suppose” banks= all visible.

You claim that I was not allow to do such of activities, and that the $13.97 dollars must be send back unpaid. The fact is that the merchandise purchased at Amazon was a few minutes away from being deliver when you called; as we were monitoring it. And for a fact never, ever was an issue when purchasing the merchandise with my TDA through your bank that serves as a public serving station.

Now, my question is, do you think that Amazon is going be sending away merchandise unless they get their money first, we think NOT. Now, why would you call me when we know that this merchandise was not purchase through your/my regular account? The answer is, Amazon called you, = it took you by surprise, as it has been taking them by surprise too, as the American people caught them with their pants down, embedded with all banks as well committing fraud, and they are doing all possible for stopping what already has been DONE with, and that is that everyone has the lawful authority for using their SSA that is unfettered, and with unlimited funds, and without prejudice.

We also know that the price for this merchandise would not appear on the regular account because it has been proven, why? Because it was a direct purchase with my TDA, and you have zero interference= NONE.  NOW if there it is a screen where my direct purchases appears on your system, that needs be display the same way all your transactions related with my TDA through your bank, and that you think I/we do not know about, are visible on the other side…, all of it… This apply for all banks/ merchants known and unknown that I am/would do banking with= that are there for servicing the people. They are not under any circumstances a government, nor are they with money for lending. Banks never had any money, NONE, except the money they have been siphoning from the people’s own TDA. NOR has ever been any debts, NONE. As everything is pre-paid, and pre-authorized. ALL MADE VISIBLE.

WITH THIS being said, I am making public for all dead and alive: visible that any future purchases= Amazon: others: bills paying= online banking= all ways, always with/through your service bank routing number+ my SSAN= TDA, under any circumstances be interference with, without prejudice, and with prejudice. I AM as well making notice that for your service a monthly fee be apply. This I leave up for your own discernment+ letting me know about+ be stablish as long as I do banking through your servicer.

Further, for finding out who has been using our TDA keyin your social security number with dashes= 000-00-00-00 for seeing who is using your/our money while I/ we the people are going to bed hungry because we do not have the money for supplying our daily needs. FOR this is a fact, sadly, but not for long. You will find out that all banks known and unknown are there…, no exception…  Link: https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp.

This letter has been publishing, and patented for the records. See publication worldwide on the net, and on this website: For STONEGATE BANK= all banks that I do banking with are on Notice as of this day and date of 08/03/17. Link: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/letter-for-joann-counihan-and-all-associates-at-stonegate-bank/

For more learning visit: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/16051-2/ = navigate many links.

Send by email= jcounihan@stonegatebank.com

Thank you JoAnn very much, love for all…,

By Original account holder, LM









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