When we Know the Truth there is no Fear





When you know the truth then there is no need to have fear. Scenario like this one goes on everyday on every city of this country. Is heart breaking to see how these policemen with an ass in their front stop a poor man on his way from work just because he went one mile over the speed limit, or for some other stupid reason, and then gives him a fine as much as the pay check he worked so hard for the whole week!

They are like hungry beasts competing against each other everywhere on the streets following the same orders that the psychopaths from Washington gives to a lesser-rank of a psychopath in communities, aim at bringing fear, control, and intimidation along with their noise cars to the people that share their own community! STOP. You are guinea pigs as it stands, think; as if we are not mistaken you still have a mind.

If you want to make a difference in your community do what is right, follow your heart, and not your arrogance, and title.

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