Where is Love?



Sometimes you are happy. Sometimes your heart is overflowing with love, seemingly for no reason at all. Of course, love does not need a reason, for love is a State of Being. There is no virtue in looking for reasons for love, for then love becomes a convenience or an enterprise.

You love because you are a Being of Love.

Why do you breathe? You don’t need facts and figures in order to breathe. You inhale and exhale without even thinking about it. If you thought about every breath you take, you would become a breathing machine, but you are not mechanical.

Nor is love mechanized. Nor is love something you consciously do. You do not do love. You are love. You are someone who loves. It is natural for you to love because you are a Being of Love. You can love fully. You can love with every breath you take.

You don’t have to think about being love. You don’t have to regulate it. All you have to do is to just be.

As the day meets the sun, so love meets itself. There is no effort involved. Leave love alone, and it will find its way all the way home jiggity jig jig.

Where is love? Love is where you are standing.

Love is not an accomplishment. It is not an overlapping. Love is an underpinning.

The same way you wear shoes today, be they oxfords or sandals, they are on your feet, and you walk without thinking: “Oh, I am wearing shoes. Oh, I am walking in shoes.” No more do you say, “Oh, I am love. I am walking in love.” You simply walk in love.

You do not wear a special gown or tuxedo. You do not have to announce that you are love and are wedded to it. It is simply you, who you are when you have not demarked love, categorized love, made a big thing of love, made it a goal, a target, as if love were your trousseau and you must keep adding to it.

Love is your light. It is your flame. And it is an Eternal Light. There is no dimmer switch. There is no sudden flash of light, no brightening either, for love is who you are.

You have to know this in the world. You have to be aware and give yourself permission to be who you are. You are an Eternal Flame of Love. That’s it.

And, yet, in the world, so much has gotten in the way of love. Like a pleated skirt, there have become folds of love, straight lines of love, love held tight, love hidden, love forced, love twisted into knots, love tied up, love secularized, abandoned, pushed into a corner, love sanitized by other considerations, love managed, love taken apart, love under a microscope, love tallied, love dressed up, love dressed down, love ordered, love instigated, love merited or demerited, love let go, love passed up for a better item, when all love has to do is be. Love does not have to be measured or weighed. It does not have to be calculated or counted. It is just love, free-born love that quietly showers itself everywhere, a fine mist of love that takes no prisoners. Nor does love disavow anyone.

Love simply loves. It knows nothing to do but to love. It needs no certification. It only needs to be untied. Love cannot be fettered, for then it is not love. Refracted love is love cut short. Love is meant to be love, just love, love unpackaged, unadorned, just plain simple love raying itself out like the Sun.

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