A Revolution of Consciousness

All is a revolution of consciousness, of course! People the time to rise, to unite, and move forward with the new energies is now. Changes are manifesting as we speak, and more, and more are coming. Just go with the flow, and do not complain or expect the government or any entity to come and rescue you from your experiences, although we all need to help each other in time of chaos, it is still our responsibility to go through what is happening in the Now, and the first thing you need to do is observe, and keep calm, cool, and collect, or should we say heart centered.

Are these experiences that will bring us to a new level of awareness, of vibrationsal  growth. Like for example, we know that the chaos in New York and all the affected areas from Hurricane Sandy, people are in needs, however if you are still alive  give thanks and relax, pray, look around you, reflect! Maybe this happened to you so you can change your ways of thinking, or the ways you view your life style of the outer world. Maybe Creator did this to help you on your journey through this third dimensional earth, maybe mother earth is cleaning areas that needs to be purify with the elements of water, wind, and fire, and this as well may apply to you, us!

Maybe Creator wants to see you develop your hidden talents, your potentials as a spiritual being that you are, maybe you need to drop all the classes that until now served you well but now it does not serve you any longer, therefore you need to enroll on new classes, new courses! And it so happens that new colleges, and universities are being open as we speak.

So instead of expending nine hours to get gas in a line, how about walking! What is wrong with you taking an hour walk to take your children to school, or just pick up a cart, or a bag and go to the supermarket? How about using a grill in your back yard to cook, to make warm water, or how about using your imagination and create an earth oven! Built one, the children will love doing this!

What we are trying to say here is that perhaps what we all need to do is to start using our artistic abilities and get away from the matrix, the old program that for so long we are so accustomed too. Think. We do have survival skills, we do have a god within, guides within us that are there waiting for us to acknowledge them, they know everything about you and I, they know about where everything is. They can make magic and put in front of you whatever you wish, they can make all things possible, easy for us (if we acknowledge them), or they can make it very difficult, or should we say we make it difficult for ourselves by attracting unnecessarily sufferings because of our own arrogance, dependency, and ignorance.

People lets move on, and enjoy the journey on earth by Being, and enjoying the moment of now without nagging, complaining, and blaming the elements, or any God  for whatever comes unto this world, and your life. Chances are that whatever you are going through, you, yourself manifested, or we as a collective consciousness did. So with this being said you either accept your reality at the moment, or shift your awareness to the vastness of endless possibilities.

We are One with all that is transpiring in the sense that everything is connected to Source, but you are the only one responsible for your own experiences, your own reality. So then create your own exciting out come, your own exiting life with your own within universe, and enjoy the ride! Live life in whatever package it may come, accept, experience, laugh, enjoy, then repeat the cycle again: create, accept, live, laugh, and enjoy!


~art by Psy nation

Revolution~ video

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