The Tree of Life; the third Sephirah or third Logo whose name is Binah



Hail Sacred Swan!  Miraculous Hamsa. Hail Phoenix Bird of Paradise! Hail immortal Ibis! Dove of the Grail, Creative Energy of the Third Logos!~ Gnostic Ritual

Binah is the Holy Spirit;  He is the Third Logos, the Lord Shiva of the Hindus, who manifests himself as sexual potency within everything which is, has been, and it will be.

The Holy Spirit is that sexual force which we see within the pistis of flowers, which expresses itself through the creative organs of all living  species.  The Holy Spirit  is a marvellous force without which the universe could not exist.

The Kabbalists place  the distinct Sephiroth of the Hebraic Kabbalah in the worlds. For example, they say the Ancients of Days is a point from Infinite space, and as a symbol, he is eternal. Chokmah is governed by the Zodiac, this is true. They say that Binah is governed by Saturn, that there is not a relationship between them; indeed  a relationship  exist between them. but this is not all, because  without a doubt the world  of Jupiter is in a certain way related with Binah; this is because Binah, the Holy Spirit, has powers, a throne, and He washes the Waters of Life.

Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, who are the Crown of Life and the resplendent Dragon of Wisdom, emanated from the Super-Divine Atom, from the Ain Soph.

When the Cosmic Night arrives, the resplendent Dragon of Wisdom will be absorb within the Ain Soph…. Behold here, the Trinity being absorb within the Unity!  Behold the Holy Four, the Tetragrammaton of the Kabbalists!

The Trinity, the Perfect Triad, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit plus the Unity of Life is the Holy Four, the Four Eternal Carpenters, the Four Horns of the Altars, the Four Winds of the Sea, the Holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton, whose mantric word is: Iod, He, Vau, He, the remarkable name of the Eternal One.

The Holy Spirit  unfolds Himself  into an Ineffable Woman; she  is the Divine Mother; She is dress in a white tunic and a blue mantle. The Holy Spirit is Shiva, the Divine Spouse of Shakti, the Divine Mother Kundalini.

This Divine Woman is an Ineffable Virgin. This Divine Mother is symbolize among the Aztecs by a mysterious Virgin. This Virgin has in her throat a mysterious mouth; this is because the throat is the uterus where the Word is gestated.  The Gods create with the larynx.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God,  and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.  All things  were made by him, and without him was not anything made, that was made. In him was life, and the light of man~John 1:1

The Word made the Waters of Life fertile and caused the universe in its germinal state to splendidly emerge within the Dawn.

The Holy Spirit fecundated the Great Mother, then the Christ, the Second Logos was born. The Christ, the Second Logos, is always the Son of the Virgin Mother.

She is always virginal before childbirth, and after childbirth. She is Isis, Mary, Adonai, Insoberta, Rhea, Cybele, etc.

She is the Primitive Chaos, the Primordial Substance, the Raw Matter of the Great Work.

The Cosmic Christ is the Army of the Great Word, and He is always born in the  worlds, and is crucified in each one of them, in order for all the beings to have life, and to have that life in abundance.

The Holy Spirit is the Maker of Light.   “And God said, let it be light, and light was.”  The esoteric meaning of this is, “It was, because He said it.”

The Earth has nine stratum, and  the Laboratorium of the Third Logos is in the  ninth one.  Indeed, the stratum is in the center of this planetary mass; there we find the Holy Eight, the  Divine Symbol of the Infinite, within which the brain, heart, and sex of the Planetary Genie are represented.

A Sacred serpent is coile within the heart of the Earth, precisely in the Ninth Sphere. This serpent is septuple in its constitution.  Each one of its seven igneous aspects corresponds with each one of the seven serpents of the human being.

The creative energy of the Third Logos elaborates the chemical elements of the earth with all of their multifaceted complexity of forms.  When this creative energy leaves the center of the earth, then our world will be converted into a cadaver. This is how worlds die .

The serpentine Fire  of the human being emanates from the Serpentine Fire  of the Earth. The terrible serpent sleeps profoundly within its mysterious nest of rare and hollow spheres, really like a true Chinese Puzzle.  These concentric spheres  are subtle and astral. Truly, as the earth has nine spheres and as on the bottom of them, the terrible serpent abides, in  the same way the human being has nine spheres, because the human being is a Microcosmos of the Macrocosmos.

The human being is a universe in miniature. The infinite small is analogous to the infinite great.

Hydrogen, Carbon,Nitrogen, and Oxygen are the four basic elements with which the Third Logos works.  The chemical elements are displaced according to their atomic weight.  Hydrogen is the lightest,  with an atomic  weight of 1, and the last one being Uranium, with an atomic weight of 238.5, which becomes, as a fact, the heaviest of all the known elements.

Electron come  to constitute a bridge between Spirit and Matter.   The Hydrogen is the most rarefied element that is known; it is the first manifestation of the Serpent. Every element, every nourishment, every organism, is synthesized in a determined type of Hydrogen.  The sexual energy corresponds to Hydrogen 12 and its musical note is SI.

The electronic solar matter is the Sacred Fire of the Kundalini. We enter onto the path of authentic initiation when we liberate this energy.

The energy of the Third Logos is express through the sexual organs and through the creative larynx.  These are two instruments through which the energy of the Third Logos flows.

The Sacred Serpent awakens when one is working with the Arcanum A.Z. F.; the ascending flux of the creative energy of the Third Logos is a living Fire. This Pentecostal fire rises up along the medullar canal, opening centers and awakening miraculous powers.

In ancient Mexico, the Holy spirit was worship with a tunic and  a mantle of white, black, and red colors, within the Temple of the Serpents called Quetzalcoalt.  They would sprinkle snail shells from the sea.  White is the pure Spirit, black symbolizes the descent of the spirit into matter, and the red is the fire of the Holy Spirit, with which we return into the whiteness of the pure Spirit.

The incense would rise into heaven and the priest would pray for life and the plants would flourish because the Holy Spirit is the Sexual Fire of the universe.  This rite was verified in the Temple of Quetzalcoalt before sunrise, because the Holy Spirit is the Maker of Light. The priest vocalized the Mantras: In En

The Prophet Jonah also performed the rite of the Holy Spirit, exactly in the same way as the Aztecs, and he used for this purpose the same vestures and the same incense.  He also vocalized the Mantras: In En when he placed the incense into the fire.

This rite must be establish in all the Gnostic sanctuaries. The snail shells are related  with the water of the sea, and the water is the habitat of the fire of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the snail shells from the sea become a perfect smoke offering to the Holy Spirit.

The mother, or Holy Spirit, grants us the power and wisdom.  The symbols of the Virgin are the Yoni, the chalice and the tunic of occultation.


To be continued

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