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While most leader around this earth pocket all their country resources for themselves, and can not find any more cunning ways to steal the hard-working misery of salary that we, the people get for our slavery service, some are kind enough to give their fortune away!  Leaders of this world should take note, and follow the example of Jose Mujica of Uruguay, in South America, which for his kindness has earned the nickname, “el presidente mas pobre” (translation: “the poorest president). Is this kind of story that should be surfing across the earth left and right, as the time of greed does not apply any longer.


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‘Poorest President’ Donates 90% of his Salary

By Claudine Zap, The Lookout – September 20, 2012


How’s this as a man of the people: The president of Uruguay, José Mujica, has earned a nickname, “el presidente mas pobre” (translation: “poorest president”).

The 77-year-old recently admitted to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he donates almost all of his presidential salary, making him the poorest, or, as Univision pointed out, most generous president, in the world.

El presidente explained he receives $12,500 a month but keeps only $1,250. The public servant told the newspaper, “I do fine with that amount; I have to do fine because there are many Uruguayans who live with much less.”

He and his wife—a senator who also donates part of her salary—live in a farmhouse in Montevideo. His biggest expense is his Volkswagen Beetle, valued at $1,945.

Perhaps not surprisingly, under the former guerrilla fighter, who was elected in 2010 as a member of the left-wing coalition, the Broad Front, the country has become known for being one of the least corrupt on the continent.

Mujica has no bank accounts and no debt, and he enjoys one thing money can’t buy: the companionship of his dog, Manuela.

The Uruguayan is not the first president to donate his salary. U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who came from wealth, donated his salary when in office, as did President Herbert Hoover. Hoover, who grew up poor, decided to never accept money for public service, so he could not be accused of corruption.


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