Our Cosmic Mother

The adorable Mother Kundaline is the burning fire of the Holy Spirit. Sense the beginning of time she had many names. She is Virgin Mary, Maya, Isis, Adonai, Insoberta, Rea, Cibeles, Nuit,  etc., etc., ect.  She has thousands of adorable names.

She is Love, Electricity, Universal Magnetism, Cosmic Force. The laws of cohesion and planetary gravity were created by the Mother of all adoration.  All of the brilliant, sparkling and palpitating planets in the unalterable, adorable, infinite space rest within the delectable  bosom of the adorable Mother Goddess of the world.

Our Divine Cosmic Mother answer all the prayers to all her children. Pray with all your heart, talk to her as supplicating to her wholeheartedly, and be assured that she will aid you in whatever your needs are.

Hail, Mary:

Hail, Mary, full of grace,  the Lord is with thee.

Bless are thou among women,

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Yeshua.

Holy May, Mother of God, pray for us,

who have the sinning ‘I,’ now

and at the hour of the death of our defects.

~gnostic wisdom


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