Out of the Past into the New


My dear children, the first thing you must do is remove the sentence, “I just can’t,” from your vocabulary. What you think, you encourage. What you say, you incur. What you repeat, you strengthen. Listen to the statements you make. Listen to your slogans. Listen to the advertising that you give yourself.

Whatever it may be that you “just can’t,” you must. It may not mean you have to do it, but it does mean you have to stop bowing to it, and you may have to do what you fear to do. Look at it, and see its folly. What particle of ego is making you think you can’t?

You promulgate, “It is too much for me.” You see a huge cliff before you. As you continue to avoid it, it grows bigger, manufactured in your mind. The great divide grows bigger as you kowtow to it.

Or is Gloria the only one who does this?

What are your statements that, from this day forward, you will recant?

This is the beginning of assuming responsibility for yourself.

Begin to think differently.

Notice the roadblocks you set for yourself and kick them out of the way.

You are graduating now. You are being promoted to first grade. In the school of Heaven, that is a great accomplishment. You are being given the choice to leave kindergarten and enter first grade. In first grade, you have subject matter. You learn things. In Kindergarten you played so you could be ready to learn things. I say you are ready.

And what you are learning now is to undo false premises that have substantiated your life.

From now on it is yours to speak truth, to yourself and to others. Speak the truth of God which is the only truth there is. The truth is, you have the power to call on angels to light your way. The truth is, angels already light your way. You have no excuses any longer. You are entering a world where fear is seen as fiction and is put down like a book that no longer interests you.

Put down your fears like a card you place on the table. Don’t spend your time looking at the card. Deal it facedown, and know it is not yours to mull over. It is not yours at all. It is not to be examined. It is to be put down.

Now you take another deck of cards which is not of fears but of strengths, and this is the deck of cards you look at now. These are the cards that strengthen your hand. These are the cards that you play. These are My gifts to you.

You hold a strong hand.

Now you honor your strengths instead of imagined weakness. This is your assignment today.

Today, as you watch what you say, you strengthen others.

You are stepping out of the past and entering the new.

I will help you. You are shedding old skin.

You are shedding old devices. You are shifting into gear.

You are getting ready to open your world.

You are opening it.

You are cleaning your glasses so that you let yourself see truth.

All the subterfuges you have put in front of you, all the subterfuges to keep you from seeing — put aside now. No longer kid yourself that you need them.

You are starting a different journey.

You empty the sack of stones you have long carried.

And now you pick up only the gems to carry.

Why carry anything else?

You are on earth to collect gems in your life.

You pick up truth now, not false glitter.

Dispense with the trinkets, and wear truth.

You are not your fears. Your fears are not you. You borrowed them, and now it is time to give them up. No longer imagine that you require crutches made of fear. You can walk without them. You can walk better without them.

Feel My strength go through your bones.

Feel My love in your heart.

Clear the way for Me to sing My song through you.



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