Prayer of Guidance









Father- Mother God, we are asking to forgive us because we forgot who we are, and we betrayed you with our veil of arrogance, ignorance, and greed, thus we are asking you to guide us to break the veil and cleanse us with your sacred fire light any residues that are deep within ourselves.

Father-Mother God, protect us from danger during this vital transition that is imminent for us all in our Republic of the United States of America.

We are asking to lead us all to understand that we as a humanity are KEEPER for the earth, not owners of it, and that we all must share it equally and without discrimination, intimidation, or fatal actions taking from anyone disguising as government of men.

We are asking to guide us grow to our highest potential of humanness,+ learn our basic lawful rights, and to make a different to whomever needs it.

We are asking that you bring to an end the trafficking, and killing of children all over the world with your divine sacred fire light, now! And bring to the fire of nothingness those responsible for such atrocities!

We are asking to guide us to unite to honor, respect, and protect our animal kingdom from torture, and slaughtering all across the world.

We are asking to guide us to be responsible, and accountable for our own BE’ing, and DO’ing.

We are asking to guide us to have courage to defend our brothers, sisters, and our country when in danger to cause us harm.

We are declaring that it is our lawful right to own, and or carry an arm of defense for our protection if we choose too, and without infringement.

We are asking to guide us all in motion, creation, and expanding light in eternal essence of unconditional LOVE in ONENESS.

So be it, be it so!


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