Strawberry Moon on June 3rd 2023

For this Full Moon, call the Strawberry Moon on the third- fourth of June 2023, let us direct our attention on life, death, darkness, light, motion, and emotions. Let us ask ourselves, “What is it like walking into the darkness? What is it like walking into the light? What is death? What is Life?”

Let us ask ourselves, “What is motion? What is emotion? What are feelings?”

Silly questions some might say. However, just like eating and sleeping, all the above are part of human functions that we have forgotten.

But how can we forget the obvious? Well, here is when the question becomes the answer, and this is the trigger point!

When we awaken into the presence awareness of our own functionality, we for sure take life into a more responsible journey, where nothing would take us by surprise. Where courage, bravery, and accountability counts. Where after a good and or a bad night sleep in the darkness, after all, we are glad the light from the day upon us would pour onto everything.

Welcome a New Day! A new day that would never Be again, so we might as well make the best of it by first being thankful. And might as well, let us express our feelings fully to all those we have issues with.

After all cleaning up our deep feelings (and although it can be tough sometimes because we are all locked up expressing our feelings), it is indeed the most liberating experience.

We must clean all those deep feelings that we have accumulated throughout our lives now, so we can navigate smoothly the rest of our lives, where motion is not disrupts by chaotic Emotions.

This is a huge responsibility for everyone, and the only thing that can safe us is BE’ing within the presence of our own deep awareness.

Let us offer our presence to these extremes, as are the cycle of Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Motion and Emotions.

Let us take responsibility for our own body, our own mind, and our own spirit by offering our presence in all that we do every second of our lives.

Let us take responsibility for the heavy energies that comes across our path, as are those inherited from family members, friends, and sexual relationships. It is time for untying the knots, and free ourselves from the burdens. It is time for clearing the path. It is time for deep diving. It is time for freedom of expression. It is time for sovereignty. It is time for ultimate responsibility for our own expansion, and for our own spiritual growth. It is time for ultimate knowledge. It is time for ultimate truth.

During the energy from the Strawberry Full Moon, that last for a few weeks, we all have this opportunity for remembering our human function and its primary attunement.

Feel, and navigate this energy by taking advantages from it, as that of enjoying nature, family gathering, praying, walking in the park, and last but far away from the least, cooking awesome healthy meals. And please, eat lots of strawberries while the season last!

Bliss be upon all our humanity. Bliss be upon all our creatures. Bliss be upon our planet earth.

So be it

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