The Kingdom of Heaven


How can you possibly be without Me for one moment? I cannot be without you. I would not be without you, for you are My love. I love you as Myself, for you are Myself. You cannot be anything else. Oneness is Our relationship. Oneness We are. Oneness I AM, and Oneness you are, and, so, it has always been so. I am One. Oneness alone exists. Come now, sit on My lap, as if you were a child. Of course, you ARE a child. You are a child of God. You are Myself who knows it not. Therefore, I sit with you on My lap, and I tell you about Oneness, and so you come closer to Me until you recognize that you are the same Oneness I am. You meet Yourself.

And, as you gain Oneness, you laugh and laugh, and you laugh more. The joke is on you, beloveds. You were in the right place, and yet you wandered. You thought you wandered. You thought you had to. You thought you had to travel, and so you set off on a journey, on a search, on a quest until it is your heart that arrives at your destined destination, right where you have always been, smack in the middle of My heart. In the middle of My heart, you searched for My heart. You were so close, you didn’t see. I was right before you, and you didn’t see.

In fact, you didn’t see yourself, for you are Myself, and, so within you, lies My heart which can only be the Kingdom of Heaven, so, it is fair to say that your heart is the Kingdom of Heaven. There is nothing to add or take away from Heaven. You are complete right now. You are the Entirety of Creation as I speak.

What if you could grasp the totality of what I say? What if you could know Yourself as well as I know Myself? I am you, and you are I. Such a simple equation, yet your mind is boggled. Let’s unboggle it now. What prevents you from knowing your True Self right now? It must be ego. Ego has perhaps whispered in your ear that you would lose something by accepting Reality. Yes, you would lose something. By definition, you would lose ego! Ego does not want to be lost. Self-limiting ego wants to overtake you and make you important in the eyes of the world, or even a piece of the world. Ego promises you the sky, and you fall for it, not once, not twice, not thrice but a lot. A lot. The pitch of ego’s voice resonates with you. You like the immediacy of what ego offers you.

Hey, what I offer you can be immediate too. In the land of no time, it is immediate, for, in Reality, everything is right now. There is no later. There is no before.

Ego seduces you otherwise. And where does this coward ego come from? It must have been a bit of ego that Eve bit when she bit into the apple. Yes, that must be it. Oh, no, it must have been the whispering snake that hissed and sashayed through the grass. Oh, it was none of those. It must have been you who whispered to yourself: “Importance must be mine. Individual accolades must be mine.”

You, in some semblance of justification, decided you had to fight with Me, that your individuality had to win. You wanted to be an entity to be reckoned with. You forget that you were, without ego, already Great.

Come into My heart right now. Right this way. Ego cannot enter here. Only the heart of you can. Your heart already is here with Me, Your innocent heart of love is secured here with Me. It was your mind that wandered off. Come back.


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