The Matrix: Saying Goodbye

Not many of us are really clear what the Matrix really is. Regardless, we all think of the Matrix as something that is not right. Something evil perhaps? This might be a little bit convoluted but at the end we all become clear as we try explaining this stuff for those that are not aware of.

The Matrix is actually a huge computer that resemble a Cube. In geometry, a cube is a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets, or sides, with three meeting at each vertex. Viewed from a corner, it is a hexagon and its net is usually depicted as a cross. ~quote

This is just a simple explanation but in fact, a cube can get up to thirty six sides.

So the matrix is this huge cube where everything from the 3 dimension= 3D, is stored, and or programed into- all configurated by geometry/gematria. Meaning that no one can break into this Computer, and or Cube, and or Matrix. This matrix is run by Negative Aliens/ Demons who are at the top of the world’s pyramid. You can call these entities AI= ai.= Artificial Intelligence. Al is everywhere. All governments around the world is run by AI, in particular the United States as its main Head. Main Brain.

If all governments around the world are run by AI, this means that all government agencies are as well run by AI. Ideally, all governments agencies are working for the people, this means as well that We The People are within the AI, is it Not? Being blunt, this means our minds are within the AI. We are trapped. Mentally we are trapped within an artificial computer run by demons. And it matters not how smart we try to get out of it; we find ourselves rounded up over and over again in the same ***ing matrix. The Matrix spies on us all the time. In fact, spying is its main objective, due the fact that by spying, they can create more programs that would keep us more and more entrapped. The matrix is aware when we make a doctor appointment; visit our family, call a friend, and even when we go to the bathroom! Some of their spying tools are Facebook; YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., inclusive DOJ, CIA, etc., etc.

The matrix runs ALL corporations big and small inclusive Big Pharma; all the world’s resources; religions, politics, Insurance; entertaining industry; hospitals, schools, universities, banks, courts; human trafficking. In fact, the entire matrix is based on human trafficking. Human trafficking means using us, the people as collateral for them making money in whatever way possible- even destroying our lives. These demons are living, and or live by syphoning our very own vital energy on an everyday worldwide fashion.

Now you might be saying, how can we all get out of this? How can we break this thing. How can we shatter in a million pieces this thing! Good question.

Well, about ten years ago, and or about 2012, something magical happened. A group of people that were less than five, broke the damn thing! These people are/were the mighty Creator sent, that bowed by oath signed with their own blood, stay together with their mission. These mighty people are geniuses that not only are very well aware of domestic and international laws, but are very well aware of how technology works. They are geniuses in Gematria that is the base for creation. They figured out all the codes from this huge computer, and glory be to God Almighty, the revolution started. Many things started to happen in 2012- 2013, and till these days it has been the New American Revolution. The New worldwide Revolution where more and more sleeping warriors from every country were activated for the cause. For the cause of liberating our humanity.

These geniuses were able to predict the future by decoding the AI plans ahead. And this was to their advantages by them stopping let us say for example, destroying the entire planet by these demons. Can you imagine the hard work being done all along. And more fascinating it was that these geniuses took over the entire financial system according to due process, where their goal was/is returning it to the rightful owners that are the people. This means as well, all the resources from the earth that belongs only for the people’s surviving. For the creation survival. And since they took over the financial system, can you imagine the power they have. They stopped these demons on their track when they could not get any more money from the Big daddy for whatever intentions they had in mind. Nothing that these criminals, domestic or foreign were planning on doing went unnoticed. And no one was exempt. So many people have died/ executed inclusive generals from our arms forces+ and soldiers that sold theirs brothers and sisters for a bowl of porridge, as the saying goes. So many people from all background level are already destroyed for their crimes committed to their own people. All these are beyond believes. Beyond believes what many people can do for a fifteen minutes of fame, as the saying goes.

The power has been giving back to the people. We govern ourselves. And we can handle personally our very own banking system directly without prejudice. Without gold diggers trying to direct us to a deeper hole as has been from religious culprits, politics, and banking system.

And if these are not utterly disgusting, millions of people across the world are not actually humans. These people are AI; advanced AI. They are heartless AI that are abundantly throughout government agencies, and every institution you can think of worldwide. Can you innerstand all that we are saying here? This is huge. And this is why the worldwide clean up. The worldwide destruction of these criminals wherever they may be. The destruction of these blood thirsty demons/ criminals that loves our children for their own pleasure. Blood thirsty demons that disguise in many forms to achieve their goals. These Al criminals always have been our enemies.

Their Grid. Their Cube computer has been compromised, and it will be dust in the wind shortly. This would be their final blow. Where we are heading, they can never ever exists.

And when this is upon us, we will restore our own sanity, and we will build a matrix in 5D where we are treated equal. Where everyone is with Prosperity. Healthy. Full of courage. Full of knowledge. Full of wisdom. And where politics+ and religions as we all have known till now, will never ever be the same again.

The best is yet to come. And nothing can stop what is coming. God wins.

Are you ready? Remember, watch who you hang around with. Discernment! The enemy is closer than you think and it disguise in many forms. Alertness. Bravery. Intuition. Protection. All need it all ways, always.

Father Mother God, protect our people. Protect our families. Protect our children. Protect our planet well while this transition that is so vital is taking place worldwide. We honor you. We thank you for your love and kindness. Heart. Heart. Heart.

Bliss are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. ~Matthews 5:5

And so it is

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